Fashion history from the 20th century (English)

The course

This course explores the History of Contemporary Fashion, tracing the most outstanding designers, and the values on which they rely to develop their designs. We start with the 19th century, we go through the 20th century and outline the beginning of the 21st century.

It is in the 19th century that fashion, in the modern sense of the term, appears in all its fullness. It is based on two fundamental pillars: Haute Couture and Clothing. At this time, its fundamental structure of contemporary fashion rests.

Worth’s contribution to the evolution of fashion was clear, he opened the first sewing workshop in 1858 and became a celebrity, signing his garments as if they were works of art..

The program

  1. Introduction
  2. Charles Frederick Worth
  3. Paul poiret
  4. The aesthetics of Mariano Fortuny
  5. Chanel and the ´new woman´
  6. The new look of Christian Dior
  7. Balenciaga: fashion is an art
  8. Yves Saint Laurent
  9. Valentino Garibaldi
  10. Pedro Rodríguez
  11. Manuel Pertegaz
  12. Elio Berhanyer
  13. Test


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